2019 – 2020 M.I.S.T. #2: Sparetime Recreation, Augusta, ME., October 13, 2019: Entries are now open!

Entries for the second points tournament of the 2019 – 2020 M.I.S.T. season are now open! Can we top the excitement of the first event? I think we can!! There is only ONE way to reserve your spot. Send an email with your name in the body of the email to the following address: ajsoxpats2002@hotmail.com. You will then get a confirmation email back that your entry was accepted. If you do not get a confirmation email back, it means we did not get your reservation. This keeps a time stamp for all entries and allows us to keep the waiting list updated in real time. Also, if you want to reserve for multiple people on one reservation, that is perfectly fine, just make sure all their names are in your email. If there is any bowler (or bowlers) you want to cross with, please make that request known in your email and we will try to accommodate you the best we can. We try to honor any and all requests.

Tournament time is 9:00 AM, and check-in will once again be 8:00 AM. Cost is $65 cash only, and if you are a youth bowler, please say so in your email and make sure you fill out the form to bring with you so you can receive S.M.A.R.T. funds. There will be $5 brackets and a $10 high game pot, along with a raffle for a new high end Brunswick bowling ball, courtesy of Brunswick Bowling. We will also give away another bottle of Ultimate cleaner courtesy of Moore’s Pro Shop. Lastly, don’t forget about our “non-reserve” list if you cancel / no-show within 24 hours of the tournament. We did not have to add anyone to that list this past month, so let’s keep it that way. That’s about it, see you on October 13th in Augusta!

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