First league night in Augusta: “The Beastie Bowlers” return!

So, this is the last-first night of league for me this season. Our Tuesday night league in Augusta begins tonight and it should be interesting on a few fronts. First, the bowling center installed new approaches and new lane surface for the first 30 ft. of the lane. This should be very interesting. I played on them this summer and found that the fronts seemed to pick up quicker, much more than the old surface that was there, but the ball still lacks backend reaction on the older back part of the lane. I wonder if I will start using more aggressive, pearlized equipment here, something like my Brunswick Mastermind Brainiac or the Brunswick Brute Strength, both of which I do have in my bag for tonight. I believe that clearing those more aggressive fronts will be key, and you’ll still need something that saves punch for the last 30 ft. The old strategy of grab something sanded in this house and tighten up just won’t work as well with these new fronts, so I can’t wait to see how these lanes transition on a regular league night. It should be fun.

Secondly, our team “The Beastie Bowlers” returns for our third straight season. Also, for the third straight season we will be returning the same four core members: myself, Steve Babb, Mike Desimone, and Nick Poland. Our fifth bowler will be a different bowler once again this season, which seems to be a rotating tradition with TBB. Our first season we had Dylan Davis, who left to bowl with his dad last year, and last year we had Justin Rollins, who left this season to bowl with his dad. So, this year we fill the void with my good buddy and fellow lefty James Ward. I have bowled with James many times, as he is a stalwart on my vaunted “all lefty team” that competes in tournaments together. James should bring some great bowling and fun to a group of bowlers who are not only about scoring high, but having a damn good time doing it. I’m looking forward to the chemistry we will build together as the season progresses, which begins tonight! I look forward to bowling with these guys each season as they are fun to bowl with and can bring the strikes any given week. We also have some super sexy shirts this season, provided by the good folks at Apparel EFX, so I will post a team pic of those in tomorrow’s wrap up!

So, as far as arsenal goes, I stated earlier that I am going with (2) pearls, the Brunswick Brute Strength and Brunswick Mastermind Brainiac. I am also going with (2) solids, the Brunswick Mastermind Strategy and Radical Xeno, along with my Brunswick T-Zone spare ball. As you can see, I am going with a pretty strong lineup, reaction-wise, for equipment tonight. We will see if it pays off, but the great thing about the Brunswick family of brands is that the reaction shapes vary enough between balls and layouts that you can find just about any reaction you need from their equipment. If you can’t find it with Brunswick, chances are you don’t need it!

I will post tomorrow about how the night went, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Have a great night everyone, good luck and good bowling!

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